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Schedule Published


We’ve finally managed to get all our great speakers into a schedule. It wasn’t as easy as you’d think - even after we added an extra room to fit them all in! We’ve handcrafted a schedule that lets DevFest Cardiff attendees choose their own adventure on the day - Mobile, Web, AI, Cloud or a tour of everything. We’re also excited to to have ses... continue reading

Speakers Announced


We’ve now confrmed our main speakers for DevFest Cardiff! Thanks to everybody who submitted a paper and we’re really sorry if we couldn’t find space for you this year. We’re now busy trying to fit together all the sessions into the timetable and as soon as we can we’ll put the full timetable up on the website. Stay tuned :) continue reading

Call for Papers


Our call for papers is now open. Get your submission in by 22nd September and help us create an awesome DevFest Cardiff! We are looking for a good spread of subject areas and programming languages. Language basics, practical applications, and “How To”s are all welcome! We would, of course, love to hear from speakers able to lead sessions on Go... continue reading

The Vision


Every year, Google encourage and support the local GDG chapters to organise a DevFest, but they leave it up each group to decide the size and shape of their event. GDG Cardiff had the idea of collaborating with all the tech meetups in Cardiff, to organise a “DevFest for everyone interested in developing and coding”. We are super excited to ann... continue reading

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